I Landed The Interview, Now What?

  1. Purdue University called a few days ago and offered me an interview for their Accelerated Second Degree in Nursing Program. Wow! I'm excited. But the novelty of receiving the call has worn off and the work preparing has begun.

    I believe this is a tough program to get into; they accept ten candidates per year. I was told by an adviser that they interview the number of candidates they need, so if that's true, getting the interview is a good get, ...not a guarantee, but a step in the right direction. I don't want to blow it.

    I have never interviewed for an academic or post graduate position. I'm wondering, how will this interview differ from a standard business/job interview. If you are interviewing with a business, you usually have some idea of the demeanor of that culture, but with a department within a university, the department attitude can vary widely from the school's general attitude. What should one expect?

    Also, will questions be geared toward my academic knowledge of nursing and healthcare, my skills, personality and ability to get along (this is a cohort program), and/or my stamina to endure the stress of an accelerated program, or my achievements and pitfalls of prior career experience. There seems to be so many unknown variables.

    Can anyone clarify if they have knowledge or experience going through this interviewing/ selection process, and please specify with which school, especially if it was with Purdue University.

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  3. by   JasonP
    First, congratulation on obtaining an interview! That alone is a huge step and you should feel proud. I have had two interview for 2nd degree programs: the University of Rochester (accepted!) and Wright State University (provisionally accepted - another prereq to finish). I was also accepted at NYU, but no interview was required. For the most part, each interview was very relaxed and really turned out to be a lot of fun.

    Here are typical questions I was asked:
    Why do you want to become a nurse?
    How would you describe a nurse?
    What was your original career path? (since this is a 2nd degree program.)
    Why this particular institution?
    What qualities do you posses that would make you a good nurse?
    How would your previous instructors/employers describe you?
    What do you hope to accomplish over the course of your career/ what are you career goals?

    I also suggest working in something about current issues in nursing to show your interest in the field. I talked about debates surrounding the idea that requirements may be changing -- must have BSN to work as an RN and Doctorate to work as NP. DO NOT FEEL PRESSURED. I know you feel like its one interview that decides your future, but if you are genuinely motivated to become a nurse your interviewers with see this in your how enthusiastic your responses are. Each of my interviewers really tried to make it conversational, so I felt pretty relaxed because of that.

    Just let me know if you have any other questions. I wish you the best of luck, and I'm sure you will do great!!
  4. by   mrsbacktoschool
    In my current job (that I hope to leave soon to start my accelerated 2nd bachelor's nursing degree as well) I prep people for interviews. Nifty job really. The above-mentioned questions are good starters but always be prepared for behavioral-style questioning. I always like the STAR approach when answering behavioral questions- Situation, Task, Approach, Reaction. What was the situation, what were you supposed to do, what approach did you take, and how did that affect the situation. I have found in my research that nursing schools look for people who have excellent team focus, critical thinkers, and people who can see the whole picture. Working in current events/requirements/debates is perfect, because it shows them that working as a nurse was not a passing thought to you. You are learning even before starting the program.
  5. by   MrsNICU
    Extremely helpful... I just landed an interview this week for the NNP program