I have to ask, is it required by law to have a CNA to go into a BSN program?

  1. So, my girlfriend is currently in the works at job corps to get into ACT, to allow her to study at Skagit Valley College, the staff seem to be brainwashed in that you have to have your CNA just to transfer to a bachelors program.

    Saying getting a PRE NURSING associates isn't enough to transfer to the UW Nursing School, when, on their own website, it clearly states you don't even need any medical background outside of 100hrs of paid or volunteer experience.

    She is already about to be certified as a Medical Assistant with over 360hrs of clinicals.

    But, hopefully she'll be on the road for her Pre Nursing Associates to transfer to a BSN at UW.

    Any information would be appreciated, thank you.
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  3. by   x_factor
    No, it's not a a law requirement, it is only a requirement by some schools the same way an entrance exam is a requirement. Many schools do not require CNA certification, and there is no law requiring it for entry into BSN programs.
  4. by   GarrettLeonard
    Thank you very much, it's greatly appreciated.