I have a strange request

  1. I have a very strange request for you guys. I ordered my math book online and lo and behold I missed the words *SPECIAL EDITION* when I ordered. :uhoh21: What I would like is for a few people to post random problems on this board with the page and problem number so I can check them with my book. I am hoping that all the problems are the same b/c school starts in 2 days and I don't have time to order another one before it starts.

    The book is Elementary and Intermediate Algebra, Second Edition by Mark Dugopolski ISBN #0073019313.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this. I wanted to cry when I opened the envelope
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  3. by   jones21498
    You will definitely need to check with the school as soon as possible. I had the same problem with my husband's psychology book. The special edition was used by another campus, but was totally different than the one he needed. He didn't realize until after school had started and ended up dropping the class and selling the book. I don't mean to scare you, but it could be a problem. You can talk with the teacher and find a better way than dropping the class (my husband just got so frustrated and didn't pursue that route). ...Best wishes, perhaps you can xerox a classmates book if yours won't do until you can get the proper edition.
  4. by   pekinsweety86
    I think it is the proper edition. I found a copy of the table of contents online and it matched mine perfectly...
  5. by   sdmommie
    I would definitely ask the professor at the start of the class to see if your edition will do. What if the actual problems are different? Is there a copy on hold at your school library for you to check with?