I got in!!!! CSUEB-BSN

  1. I received my confirmation via email, I can't believe it!! I wasn't sure I had a chance, my TEAS was 83, GPA 3.8 - best of luck to all of you who are waiting to hear and those who are still taking pre-requisites.
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  3. by   PurposebyDesign
  4. by   MBgirl
    Congrats! Is this for the Concord or Hayward campus (or both?)
  5. by   momin96,98,99
    I have to submit my choice by May 15, I would prefer (need) the Concord campus
  6. by   Coriander
    Congratulations! That's great news
  7. by   Jesshal
    Hey congrats!!!!!!!!! I am still waiting to hear, but got in at Las Positas. Is CSUEB still letting people know? I hope so. I have done so much work I want to get my B.S.! Congrats again!!!! REAL ACCOMPLISHMENT!
  8. by   momin96,98,99
    From past responses on this forum, it seems they notify in waves, but you should receive something soon.
    My email said I had to resond by may 15 with accept or decline.

    I would have rather gotten into LMC (ADN), only because of the huge cost difference, now I have to get student loans ($28,000+) yikes!!!! as I don't qualify for any assistance.

    Congrats on getting into Los Positas, at least you have a backup. If you don't get into CSU, don't worry, once you start working you can always go back to get your BSN, some employers will pay for your education. I believe everything happens for a reason. For me not getting into school my last 3 times applying to LMC (lottery) has meant more time staying home with my children.