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I went down to ITT tech yesterday and talked with them about there nursing program, after hearing so many wonderful things about it from my former co-workers and other people. I have no job, a car... Read More

  1. by   IdianaCNA1993
    mines the fortwayne campus too for ivy tech what a small world but all of your coments give me hope. Im going to just start by looking for a job and studying hard for my teas and start my remediation classes because I have a couple of them todo then take two pre reqs at a time so I am sure to get As in them just to be safe. I know with ivy techI wont have to take out any loans If I have a job that pays me above $9 an hour and gives me 36 or more hours and if I did it would be small ones my mom has agreed to give me gas money to go back and forth to school no matter what school I go to and Im going to make sure that ivy tech as the classes that transfer to IPFW or St francis incase I repeatedly get turned down from them I can apply at other nursing programs as well and maybe for different degrees like dental hygenist or respiratory therapy if I always get turned down from the other nursing programs but I think that ITT tech can wait until I have tried over and over and Im like 40 and have no other option but even then Ill probably go to med tech since I know for sure right now that med tech is accredited! and where and what is ITCC?
  2. by   patty89
    ITCC, Ivy tech community college

    I'm glad you are going to be looking into other options
  3. by   IdianaCNA1993
    bummer I thought that ITCC stood for a different college and that my choices got larger lol
  4. by   larotcharen
    I understand how you feel. When I decided to go back to school, I still had all my science pre-requisites to do, and it felt like it was going to take forever. I just took them 1 per semester, and worked. I know you want to be out on your own, but if you have the opportunity to live at home, with minimal living expenses, then by all means, do it. You can still apply for financial aid through the community college as well. The first thing I did when I went back to school was to meet with a counselor who knew the nursing program really well so I could get good advice about what to do. Eventually, you will want to get your BSN, many employers are going to require it, so it is really important to make sure your units will transfer to a BSN program. Good luck to you! I know you'll make the decision that is right for you!

    (BTW, I'm over 40 too....)
  5. by   nerol
    I strongly encourage you to speak with HR reps at the places you think you may want to work. In Ohio, hospitals prefer BSN prepared nurses and are requiring ADN nurses to go back to school. Proprietary School prepared nurses here are having trouble getting hired at hospitals. I know students who did there clinical at my hospital and were not offered employment due to their school not having proper accreditation. From my research federal government jobs and hospitals around here want nurses from schools accredited by one of these two agencies CCNE OR NLNAC. Please talk to local HR recruiters before you make your decision.

    Best Wishes and be wise because the decisions we make now can affect our future
  6. by   blurredyearning
    ITT Tech is a terrible, for-profit school. STAY AWAY!

    Many employers will laugh in your face if you bring them an ITT Tech 'degree.'

    Not to mention, $50k+ is WAY too expensive for a 2-year degree. Hell, I'll graduate next May with 2 bachelors and an associates for that price ...
  7. by   heydelilah
    Whenever someone is looking into for profit schools I like to reference them to the GAO summary on their investigation into the recruiting and sales practices of for profits. Not to say that they all practice this way (Keiser in my home town had a wonderful reputation and their graduates were readily hired alongside they state university grads), but more often than not they will. If you check out the Admissions/Registrar positions for some of the schools you're looking at I guarantee they have a line referring to commissioned sales experience.
  8. by   rainyn
    Just keep in mind that the ITT people you talk with are recruiters, have a quota, and are commission based. My dad use to be a assistant dean at one of them. He said to me that their programs are great, but also agreed their tuition is enormously high because they are profit driven. They have a great retention rate because their student services really keep after their students and will even call you if you miss a class to make sure you will be back. Again, it's all about their bottom line numbers. The universities and community colleges are also driven to keep their passing rate and ect. high, but they are not under the pressure of profit and in constant jeopardy of losing their jobs, like the admission/retention staff at ITT are. I have also heard of people that have a hard time getting their credits transferable from technical schools to state schools when they go on for higher degrees. I would check with your local state schools to make sure they recognize credits from ITT. You never know what the future brings and if you will decide to go on for a higher degree.