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So I am starting college as a brand new student. I am a little late to the game- I graduated from high school in 2003. I work full time where I make pretty good money but after having my daughter a... Read More

  1. by   madelynsmom
    Quote from llalpine
    Did you not do any down to earth research before you signed up to be a nurse. Yes, most of us work, have a family and work while we're in nursing school. It is a couple of years of pure hell and no life of your own. Studies are you entire life. Family and most everything else in your life is put on a back burner. It is one of the hardest things you will ever do. If you can survive nursing school and remain in the career field for more than three years after graduation, you have your pay off. Find you a couple of friends to give you pep talks when you feel like throwing in the towel. If you can make it thru this there isn't much in life you can't conquer.
    Actually yes, I did do research. That is why I was psyching myself out and nervous. But I'm not anymore- I just have more determination than ever.
  2. by   MAKimsey
    Congratulations on your decision to return to school! The first time I went back to school, it was after an 8 year break between high school and college. Like you, I was scared out of my mind. On thing that helped me was a program called "Where there is a will, there is an 'A'." Essentially, I learned to treat college like a job, take charge of my learning, and utilize all of the student success tools available (ie: free tutoring / learning clinics / instructor meeting times). The school wants you to succeed and has personnel in place to assist you. See if you can tape record the lectures to assist you in reviewing and supplementing your notes. If you have a lap-top, use it to take notes because the act of typing may assist you in remembering the material. Utilize Math, Science, and English labs to help you. The Library usually gives a tour of resources and how to use them. Experiment with study groups to see if that is a method that works for you, it may be you only need one study partner, and in some cases studying alone is best. Homework and exam preparation may take longer, be ready to carve out the extra time. Make sure your family knows you love them - set time aside to be with them. Make and keep appointments with yourself - you need time to nurture yourself. If you are going to work, it is challenging, but possible and may require a reduced course load. At the age of 43, I retired from the practice of law and entered a practical nursing program to be able to help care for my Dad. In 2010, I decided to pursue an RN, and am now completing the pre-requisites for the nursing program, including retaking or newly taking math and science course because of the time between now and when I last took the courses. There is no singular way to learn material - find what works for you. If you find that life is giving you a curve-ball or you need to give more attention to a specific subject and the study assistance is not enough, don't be afraid to reduce your course load. Wishing you success in your studies!
  3. by   nurseambition
    I was in the Air Force out of high school and graduated 2004. I got out of the Air Force (2012) while pregnant w/ my daughter and decided to pursue nursing for the same reasons. I had the same fears my first semester (plus my husband was deployed). You will find plenty of people in the same boat as you if you really look around. It is completely doable. You will notice that with a daughter at home and the drive and desire you have to enter nursing for both you and your family... you will be successful. As an older student we tend to have a little more focus and drive than those fresh out of high school.
  4. by   future_nurse215
    I like yourself have been out of high school since 2004. I started back in the summer taking two classes at a time because I work full-time and have a husband and 5 year old daughter to care for. It has not been easy to say the less every class that I have worked extra hard to pass I did it with A's and that is the reward that keeps me going everyday. Keep swimming to reach your goals and remember in the end everything you have worked so hard for will show! GOOD LUCK!