I am lost!!!

  1. I have just recently starting taking my pre-req's and after reading some of the threads on the boards I am a little confused.... What is the NFLEX test (I think I got that wrong) is it the same as the HESI exam? Also, when did you start studing for those and when did you have to take them

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  3. by   DoubleblessedRN
    I think you are referrring to the NET test if you are a pre-nursing student. The NET is the Nurse Entrance Test which tests your math, reading and test taking skills. It is a standard test which many nursing programs require. If you are referring to the NCLEX, that is the exam you take in order to obtain a nursing license.
  4. by   CRNA2BKY
    Actually, Patricia is refering to HESI, not the NET. Let me start by by explaining the NCLEX: it is the nursing state board test which you will have to take after graduating from nursing school. It is the test that certifies you to practice nursing in your state. If you want to move to a different state, you don't have to take the NCLEX all over, as this is a national certifying test, and all states will recognize that you passed it. You will just have to fill out some paperwork for the new state you want to practice in. The HESI is a test you may take at the end of your nursing program, and it is suppose to be somewhat of a simulated NCLEX. It is suppose to give you an idea of how you will do on the NCELX, but I have heard of lots of examples where people failed one test, but passed the other test. And as medic stated, the NET is a test given at some schools as an entrance exam for the nursing program. Some schools give this, and others do not. Most of the nursing programs in my area do not give the NET, so check around with schools in your area to see if it a requirment. Hope this helps some. Good luck.
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  5. by   michigan mommy
    At my school we have to take the HESI exam and what we score on that test decides on whether or not we get into the nursing program. When I was trying to look up study guides I don't really find any for Hesi they seem to be mostly for the nflex- just wondering if anyone can help me out
  6. by   CRNA2BKY
    I also took a simulated HESI before I started my nursing program. I am in an accelerated BSN program, and we were already accepted into the program, so the simulated HESI wan't part of the admissions process. The simulated HESI is not the real HESI, as you don't have enough knowledge about nursing stuff until after you complete nursing school. The Pre-HESI exam will test your critical thinking skills, and it is not something you can really study for. It may ask you a question like:

    Someone is choking. Would you
    a) go get help
    b) try and clear the airway using the Heimlick (sp?) maneuver
    c) try and figure out what they are choking on
    d) put their food in an oven so it doesn't get cold

    It doesn't take too much medical/nursing knowledge to see that answer b is the correct answer. This type of example is fairly easy, but there will be difficult ones as well. It doesn't test your knowledge of medicine or nursing, it tests your critical thinking skills.

    So my advice is don't sweat it. You really can't study for it anyway. Try and do your best on it by relaxing and going with the most common sense answer. This HESI you will take to get into your program will not be the same one you take when you finish nursing school. The one you will take when you finish nursing school will also test your critical thinking skills, but it will be geared more towards a person with nursing knowledge. Hope this helps.