How's Anatomy going????

  1. Hey everyone!! I was just curious how everyone is doing in A & P I?? I actually am just taking Anatomy (we take Physiology seperately)... so far I have gotten 90% on 2 quizzes, 93% on another, and 90% on our first exam. I so hope I get an A, but I'm so close to a B, I'm not sure what will happen.
    I do know that the class average for our 1st exam we took Tuesday night was 69%, so with my 90%, I'm pretty happy!!
    How is everyone else doing?? Are you hanging in there???
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  3. by   Pixiesmom
    Sounds like your swimming along with the current rather nicely.

    I'm getting A's on my homework but we only have two tests. The midterm and the final. :uhoh21: My instructor posted pics that he took of our "bones" so I printed them off and I'm going to make up little cards so that I can memorize them. Our two tests will include listing the various bone markings and organs and will include a few essay questions. It should be interesting.
  4. by   MIKelly
    I don't know how I'm doing yet, we only have four exams, my first is this Tuesday. I really like my class, though ! My professor is awesome, she's so helpful! She gives us extra credit and so far I can miss 5 questions and still get an A+. I hope I guess well the stuff I'm not clear on! Our lab practical and also the lecture exam are totally multiple choice. I can't wait to find out how smart/dumb I am .
  5. by   mermaid36
    well for being scared to death of my first exam -i got an a+ on my lab exam last week-but then i took the lecture exam (2 different instructors) and i didn't do so well. who doesn't know where the pleural and periatal are? dumb-dumb i didn't even guess. first rule of exam taking-never leave a question blank!!! ugh!!!!
    hopefully i'll do better next time-now we're doing the skeletal system. it's ok. only 206 bones to know. :uhoh21:
  6. by   smattles1of2
    It's going good so far. So far I have a 21/20 on both lab quizzes and we get our first lecture test back tonight and I think I only got one question wrong. He asked about the S1, G, S2 phases of interphase and I forgot to study that stuff. Goodness!

    We're doing the skeletal system now and I'm working on memorizing all of that. I think it's going ok...but all the little foramen and fissures are driving me batty!
  7. by   akspudus
    We have only had one exam and two quizzes in my class. Our instructor kind of uses his quizzes as a wake up call to get people to study. I find them quite easy. I got a perfect score on the exam....and one or two wrong on the quizzes. What gets me about this class is how little information we are actually studying.
    In lecture we cover maybe 10% of the material in the text. For instance in our unit covering tissues....we didn't even need to learn about the different types of glands, or the types of tissues that make them. Or when we were covering cells....we didn't even get into RNA or protein synthesis.
    It seams like I am in the kindergarten class of A&P...whats bad is that hardly anybody in the class seams to "get it" and are failing.
    It looks like it is going to be an easy A....but still...I couldn't even imagine any of my classmates in a health care environment.

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  8. by   catzy5
    We are doing the same work it seems. You know whats really helpful is the Anatomy coloring book it has all the fine detail. Our teacher said this is not something you can learn from a book you HAVE to come in and examine each bone repeatedly, I saw on Saturday what she meant so many minute details.