How much is too much?

  1. Next semester I've enrolled in Chem II and Nutrition. I thought about enrolling in either Anatomy or Microbio but I read over some of the posts here and thought against it. I'm unemployed now but am gonna be working full-time or close to it sometime before next semester is over, so I'm thinking it's a well-balanced load.

    Has anyone tried taking Micro in the Summer while holding down a job? Would I be crazy for doing something like that?

    Alternatively I'll have to take Micro with Anatomy in Fall next year and I'm pretty certain that's gonna be no cakewalk. Help?
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  3. by   jackson145
    I'm taking Micro with Advanced Physiology this semester. It's hard but not impossible. I think they Phys is the harder of the two. Micro is much more interesting. Chem is what I'd be scared of. I think I'd have to take it alone.
  4. by   MarathonGirl
    If you're good at sciences, I think you could do it. I did even more than that.