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how far would you commute if you got into nursing school??? my choices for school are the ADN programs in the bay area. however only a few are accredited and i want to go to one that is. one of the... Read More

  1. by   Gumshooz
    I live in the Bay Area. I wouldn't cummute more than an hour away from home. A half hour in traffic with it barely moving an inch every minute or so is torture.Depending on when you need to be at school and where it is at it will take you awhile in the morning.During rain season it is going to be hell because everyone cant remember how to drive right and there are so many accidents close to each other. Driving is going to take up most of your free time. You are going to get burned from driving all the traffic and driving. Gas is expensive over here still even though it is going down a little. You may want to check into public transportation and see how much you will save compared to driving. Or find shared housing like some others have suggested. Or you can find someone that lives near you to car pull with.
  2. by   RedSox33RN
    Quote from Wondergirl0905

    Where in NE do you live? I'm in NH... may need to commute up to two hours if I go somewhere in the Boston area.
    Yes, I'm in NH also. I think it's a hike no matter where you live in this state! It stinks.