How do you keep from burning out?

  1. So begins week #6 of college & I am already feeling burned out!!! :uhoh21:

    I am returning to school after being out for 12 years & dove right in to A&P I, Chemistry, Psychology & my PE class (required at this school). I am making A's in everything and have been studying like CRAZY. I think I was soooo nervous about going back that I went overboard (made 104 on my first A&P exam! 102 on Chemistry!).

    But now..... I just feel so bleh.... ick..... non-motivated..... uninterested..... tired..... and it's only the beginning!!!!!!!!! :spin: So how do you keep from getting overwhelmed & just fed up with it all?
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  3. by   rnmomtobe2010
    just remember what your goal is. it is very easy to get burnt out easily but you have to keep praying and moving. if nursing is what your heart desires, then there is nothing that will make you give up. i feel like that at times, but I know where I am going and the difference I am going to make in the lives of sick people. what matters to you...the well being of the patient or that pay check. that is the way I think about the situation and that is how I get through the day. the patient rules and the thought of me being able to assist in making their lives/days brighter is worth the headache.
  4. by   goldenngrrl
    I feel ya! I wouldn't say I'm feeling disinterested, but I'm feeling very overwhelmed at all of the work that Nursing school entails. It's my first semester of college ever, I'm living away from home for the first time, and I feel like I can't keep up with the work!

    What I do when I feel stressed is to think of why I decided to go into Nursing in the first place. Even though the classes I'm taking may be stressful, I try to remember that Nursing won't be Biochemistry 24/7, or strictly Micro, etc. That helps me when I feel frustrated with my classes.

    Also, I often try to take a step back and look at how awesome what we're learning really is (okay, not EVERYTHING but still) ... for example, earlier today I was studying for Anatomy and I was stressing because it was just so much to remember...I decided to take a break for a bit and just read a section of my book for pleasure. Since I wasn't pressured to remember anything I was reading, I got to enjoy it and was just completely in awe of the human body and how amazing it is. Then I got really excited because someday (God-willing) I will be able to experience that at work everyday.

    That may sound completely corny, but it works sometimes!
  5. by   Sabby_NC
    Sqeeze in a little 'me' time. Even a bubble bath, a little vino etc is enough to recharge your battery and get you through the next week or so.
    You have to take a wee time out for you to recoup or you will have those flames flickering.
    Hope you are feeling brighter soon.