How do I really know I want to be a nurse?

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    I am just finishing up a ton of pre-reqs at a local community college, originally intending to be a rad tech. I thought about being a nurse first, but I thought I would be turned off by blood and needles. Not so, I found out as I did really well in my phelbotomy course. So now I have had a change of heart...I have always had the desire to help people, and I am kind and compassionate. I have job shadowed both professions and felt it was too hard to decide from a few job shadows, especially since in the nursing shadow, everyone complained, about hours, work overload, etc, etc. Does anyone have any advice on how to really know if you are cut out for the demands of nursing? I am a returning student in her mid life with a husband and 2 small children. When I think about my goal of becoming a nurse I feel good about it, until I think about actually doing all the work, then I get a little I able to take care of someone whose very life may be in my hands? Thanks to anyone who can advise.
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  3. by   lisabeth
    Hmm. I am not sure if there is a 100% way to know until you get there. I really think it is what I am called to do because of the way I was just pushed into it all. Then, after I took A&P 1, I fell in love with all the other classes as well. I am going to start my nursing program in June, so I guess I will find out for sure then, but for now, I am living for June. I know it will be really tough, but it will be sooooo worth it.
    Good luck, and hang in there.