HOBET enterances exam????

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm getting ready to transfer to a BSN program from my ADN program. I'm about to transfer since at my ADN college it seems that it will take me the same time getting a degree as it would to get a BSN. Also there is housing on campus and free gym faucilities along with other great pluses. I know it will maybe be a little bit of more work and determination but I'm ready for the ride. To get into this program I need 25 of more credits to enter. I have about 22 credits already along with remedials. I'm also going to take my Sciences(A&P1,A&P2,and Microbiology) and Statistics,philosophy,a Humanity, and English Comp2 before I transfer. This will allow me to knock down some of the credit hours.

    So my question is how is the Hobet test? What study guides did you guys use? Is it easier or harder than the NLN. What all is covered? Do you guys have any pointers that would help me pass it. Also the school gives reviews on the Hobet for a couple of hours throughout the year.

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  3. by   tookewlandy
    i think the HOBET is the NET or by the same company, i know i seen the name HOBET and NET somewhere together before. Anyway i took both the NLN and the NET and i believe the NLN was a lot more difficult than that NET. So if i am right and the HOBET is The NET than the NLN is harder
  4. by   MaleRNstudent21
    Thanks tookewlandy, I have a choice to take the hobet or the NLN. Since I'm transfering though sometime next fall or spring. I'm not going to have to take the NLN anymore but the HOBET. Do anyone know any study guides or tips in doing well on the HOBET. I have to have a 60 or better on all. And what exactly is on the HOBET? I really dont know much about these test. Since no one seems to take it,lol. HELP!!!!
  5. by   tookewlandy
    Here is the HOBET and NET study guide http://www.eriproduct.com/detail.aspx?ID=1

    I knew i seen them somewhere before. I am assuming they are not the same exact test, but they are obviously given by the same company. And since the study guide is the same for both i guess htey are a lot alike. I can tell what was on the NET:

    Math- i would study up on very basic adding subtracting multiply and dividing(percents, decimals,fraction, mixed number) ratio and proportion, basic algebra there were only maybe like 6 algebra questions.

    Reading- Just read as answer the questions as fast as you can, its not that hard kinda like the NLN reading portion

    thats all i can remember now, but i have heard many say that they bought the study guide i linked you to and they have done very well on the NET/HOBET with that. GOOD LUCK bud

  6. by   MaleRNstudent21
    Thanks that helps me out alot Andy. Also it would be good to have this book since my sister is going into a LPN program this Jan. She has to take the NET and I got to take the HOBET. Hey we probably will be studying together,lol. That is very assuring. Thats funny over the holidays we will be studying guide reviews together,lol. She is only 18 though so she isn't taking it as serious as I'am since I'm 22. Once again thanks very much. If anyone else have any information on the HOBET pls post here!
  7. by   ericstevens
    There is also a resource over at http://www.thehobetexplained.com that does a good job of explaining what the HOBET is all about. Some of those basics aren't so basic for everyone, especially students returning to school after years away. Good luck to everyone!