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  1. Hi everyone :spin:
    My name is Angela and IM 25 years old and I have a 2 and half year old son and a 3 week old baby girl. IM married to my wonderful husband and I have decided I want to go to school to become a labor and delivery nurse. Im nust now starting my prereques. I have my CNA and a phlebotomy ceritificate. I also do want to have two more babies but think it is best to have them when Im done with nursing school. I cant wait to get to know everyone.
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  3. by   lostinparadise

    Hope you'll like it here. I'm just finishing up my 2nd semester of pre-reqs. What classes will you be taking in the spring?

  4. by   angchick
    I think Im going to take english and possibly a humanites and then in summer Im definetly taking speech. Im nervous b/c I have two young children. Due to having two young children I can only take two classes at a time so Im kind of taking the long way there but that is okay as long as I get there right?
  5. by   lostinparadise
    you are definitely right ! don't take too many classes, you want to keep your gpa up to be competitive! I started with two classes last summer, and took three 3 credit classes and one 1 credit class this fall. Next semester I will take A&P 1, Statistics and Speech . How many pre-reqs do you need at your school before you can apply?
  6. by   nurseangel47
    angchick! Yes, do have the babies you want either all before or all after the nursing education. I did it when my girls were both little and missed out on three years of life with them due to having my nose in the books all the time. I wouldn't repeat this or advice anyone to do the same. So, if you have the option of either finishing adding to your little family now or waiting until school is out of the way, I'd say either of those would be preferable to how I did it!
    Good luck with things. I'm sure that you'll be a great nurse as well as awesome mom! Welcome to allnurses!