Hesi A2 Math- Retaking it. I need HELP!

  1. hello again everyone!
    i am scheduled to retake the hesi entry exam a2 on tuesday in order to be considered for admission into an accredited rn nursing program. i failed the math portion in august, so i have to retake the entire test again. math, english, reading, & grammar.

    i know adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing of fractions & decimals, converting decimals to fractions, converting fractions to decimals, ratios, percentages will all be on the test based on the test i took in august.

    i have a question about the ratio equations on the hesi. the actual equation will be set up something like this 100:2 :: 60:x does the :: mean =? for example would it be the same as 100:2=60:x? i can't find any info online about a ratio being presented this way with the ::!

    i have a huge concern about the units of measurement part of the hesi test. the test i took in august has reading problems with wanting measuring conversations in it. is that usually how all the hesi test versions have the units of measurements listed on the hesi a2 test?

    every study guide or flash card i've seen online has all the standard measurements & metric system conversations listed like 1 kilometer = 1,000 meters. are there some versions of the hesi a2 test that have math problems like 1 kilometer= ____ meters ?

    basically will i have to know how to set up a word problem along with knowing the units of measures? mostly conversions between oz/pints/quarts/gallons- 30ml = 1 oz, and 2.2 kilos/lb sound about right?

    i think my last hesi exam had like 3 units of measurement reading problems. is that the average number of unit of measurement questions on the hesi exam? or sometimes will there be more?

    the reading problems and units of measurement are the parts i'm scared about.
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