HESI A2 Entrance Exam Questions

  1. hi all! i am preparing to take the hesi a2 entrance exam in june and had a few questions for anyone who has recently taken the math, reading, and grammar sections. i was wondering about what type math questions were on the test? for an example, simple additions, subtraction, multiply, divide. convert fractions to decimals and visa versa. roman numerals -- 1997 is what in roman numeral form? my school requires that you make a 75% on each section, on the test. is this relatively common knowledge or are there specific things i should be studying? i am concerned about the roman numerals, converting cups to ounces. i am not sure how much focus are on this stuff verses algebra problems.

    thanks for any help you may lend!!
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  3. by   kenpochic
    There is no algebra at all. I just took it two weeks ago. however, my test was tailored to my school. I've read tons of posting that say its exactly like the study guide. I would have to agree with their statements. My math portion of the hesi was exactly like book plus conversions. But they were simple conversions. a lot of ounces to cups. But I will give you a heads up and say a lot of the conversions dont start off as whole numbers. The reading was really boring but it wasnt hard. As long as you half a brain you will pass the reading and grammar. the vocab was not like the book. they did have a couple questions that were ridiciously hard. medical terminology that most people wouldnt know but whatever. If you study the vocab in the book and you have a decent vocab you will be fine. The only thing that was actually hard was the anatomy. I did really well in my anatomy class. I just passed anatomy two with a very high A. I took anatomy one 5 years ago so I refereshed the best I could. I got an 80 on that section
  4. by   TXRN2B13

    thanks for the info and heads up on the conversions. i suppose i will go ahead and buy the book. it doesn't sound like it will be a total waste. i am not required to take the anatomy at this time. with that said will i still have medical vocabulary or is that only under the anatomy/biology section? i looked up some basic unit conversions today. i suppose the best way to learn this is to memorize some basic unit conversions and then you work out the problem? (my mom is a nurse and she said there is a nursing dosage formula to use. certainly, i would need to know that, given i'm not a nursing student - yet!??!) i only need a 75% on all parts (math, reading, and grammar). surely, i can do that!??! well, let's hope! :d

  5. by   guiltysins
    Yes you will still have medical vocab. my school has the same requirements as yours. There were a lot of questions on fractions on the exam I took, there were only about two to three conversion questions which were more like millmeters to centimeters. Also go over military time. Grammar and Reading are SAT like. What is the main idea and what is wrong with this sentence. Vocab was a little difficult and I agree with the first poster, some of that stuff was impossible to know (I had one about hierarcy of needs). Some of it is simple vocab and there were some anatomy like words (lateral, dorsal ect).
  6. by   ccshurbet
    can you please tell me how the HESI was? i noticed that you said you were taking in june?i am taking it next week and i am really nervous about the math. we are requires to make a 78 both in math and reading. i took the TEAS and the math wasn't too difficult but it was timed and no calculator so i didn't get to finish which gave me a failing score. had a lot of algebra on it too. i am hoping that the HESI is better?
  7. by   TXRN2B13
    my test did not have any algebra. it had lots of ratios to fractions or to decimals and vice versa etc. addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions. a few roman numerals and military time. also, conversions: gallons, cups, pints, quarts; pounds to kilograms; miles, yards, kilograms etc. my test was no more than 54 questions. i had a drop down calculator and it was not timed. with that said, you are only allotted four hours for all three sections, but you can spend as much time as needed on any area. also, my test was computerized. therefore, once you answer a question there is no going back to change your answer.

    i hope this helps you out! i wish you the best of luck! please let us know how you do!

  8. by   helpme!
    I took the Hesi A2 twice already for West Coast University in LA! Both times I got around 73% I don't know what I'm doing wrong I'm taking it again and for the last time on Jan 5th. Any advice? I just don't seem to have hope anymore, even though this is really really important. If you guys can just maybe email me.. . some advice it would be really helpful!! Please&Thanks.
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  9. by   cassandra812
    i will be taking the HESI entrance exam in about two weeks did not get the study guide but heard that it is very helpful!! dose anyone have it in pdf format? please send it to my email. please thanks the book is to expensive for me right now. pdf for HESI Admission Assessment Exam Review 2nd edition ISBN:978-1-4160-5635-5 thanks in advance.
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  10. by   happytappy3
    Did anyone has an issue with the HESI on Conclusions? I seemed to do poorly in this area. What is annoying is that they don't offer any practice problems as to how to help correct your problems on this. Any input is greatly appreciated!