Here we go.

  1. College algebra starts for me today, doing it online. I love online math, it's so much easier to learn. When I complete this I will have completed my associates of health sciences, so that's motivating. I had to start at the bottom with elementary algebra. I've gotten all B's but now that I've decided to pursue nursing I have better drive to do well and get that A.

    I'm pumped up!
    I'm also taking Lactation Medical Documentation and the Breastfeeding Educator class at UCSD. So it's a full load! But the other two don't start until September.
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  3. by   DadStudentPerhaps
    I also did Algebra online. I used, YayMath, and Khans to help me through the areas I needed help with. Good Luck :-)
  4. by   LL143KnB
    Wolframalpha is a pretty good site too. Good luck!
  5. by   LPNnowRNhopefull

    I also took college algebra online. The course I took used MathExcel and it was excellent! Did I mention that I'm horrible at math. But I found my best help came from YouTube. You can find many different styles to get to the same answers. For what it is worth, keep it in the back of your mind as a resource.

    Good luck in your pursuits.