Help with the NLN Test

  1. hey!!
    i am very new to this forum thing.. so i hope i am doing this correct.
    so, i am taking the nln test at the end of june, i am very nervous and i am not sure what i need to study and what to expect. i bought a work book for the exam, is that really going to help me??
    if any one has any suggestion i would love the input.
    thank in advance,
    tiffany anderson
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  3. by   VBERROA
    hi i took the test before, and like you i bought the book but never really study only over look a few question. i took the test and did horrible.the math and the science is the hardest so study harder on those subject. my tip to you is to study the whole book from front to back for 2hr a day till the subject sticks in your head. my exam is on june 4 and i start to study like crazy day and night that book became part of my life 4 hrs a day . but not everyone has the time to study all that time . put pressure on yourself atleast 2hrs a day.. i hope i helped good luck
  4. by   Syaries
    The workbook by Mary E. McDonald ?

    That was the one I used, anyway. The math portion was a nice refresher, and a couple of questions (reworded) from the science section actually appeared on the test. Though, I don't think it covered the basics of physics enough - since I stumbled across circuit questions on the exam. On the month prior to my exam, I looked over the math on the first week, and then science the following two weeks a little each day (about thirty minutes to two hours, depending on how much I already knew about the subject I was looking over for that day). On the week of my exam, I skimmed through all of the sections. My percentile overall was 96.

    Just relax and look over the material. You have plenty of time to refresh your memory on the basics of math/science. I did not prepare all that much for the verbal portion, though.