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  1. Hi,
    Need help picking out fall classesl OK this is what I need for nursing school at my community college. My application is for the Jan 011 for Fall of 011
    The application process goes like this you get a total of 10 points
    The whole 4 points for GPA of 3.5 or higher is base on the following classes
    Pysch 101
    A&P I
    English 101
    I still have to take Bio 101 and Chem 110 as a requriement.
    Then if you get all 4 points on the ASSEST test if you passed with all 4 points in English, 4 points Math and 4 points in reading comp.
    Then you get a 1/2 point for No drop, 1/2 for no D's or F's, and also 1/2 point if you all ready have Assoicates degree and another extra 1/2 point if you all ready have a Bachelor's I can only get a total of 9 points I have no degree.

    Option 1 Spring 10 Summer 10 Fall 10 Spring 11 Summer 11
    Fall 09 A&P 101 A&P 102 Algebra II Soc Speech
    Eng 101 Algebra I Chem College Alg Hummities
    Bio 101 PSh 101 Dev PSy Micro
    pre Algebra

    The thing with this is I would have to take A&P 101 in the Spring the A&P 102 over the summer (I am not sure if I can handel A&P over the summer). I also would have most of the reqiurments done before next summer. I then think that there might be another duel A&P I and II course in the Spring of 10 that could change up this a little but that depends on if they are going to be offering it, who is teaching it and if it Algebra IIwith my part-time job.

    or Option 2
    Fall of 09 Spring 10 Summer 10 Fall 10 Spring 11 Summer 11
    Eng 101 Bio 101 Chem A&P 101 A&P 102 Hummities
    Psy 101 Algebra I Algebra II College Alg Speech 101
    Pre Algebra Deve Psy Soc

    I kind of like this because I know I can have more time with taking 2 of the classes in which the admissions would be looking at there would be no sciences so I think I can ace English and Psy. Also I would be taking my A&P during the 16 weeks v.s on 8 in the summer for A&P 2. So which one would you do?

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