Help!!! What should I do now?

  1. I just got rejected for an ASN and I wanted to ask you if it's easier to get in as a LVN. I don't want to wait years !!!! I don't know what to do. Or continue taking recomended classes for the RN? Confused!!!
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  3. by   puresass
    it's not fun to wait years (i'm in my second year on a waitlist for an ADN program) but it can be done. it's a good time to save up for school, definitely.

    but i HAVE heard that LVN-RN bridge programs are less impacted than going straight to RN. i haven't tried myself, it's just what i've heard.

    my advice would be to keep taking the required classes & check into LVN & LVN-RN programs near you.

    good luck to you!!
  4. by   Jules A
    They are all a bit different but at our CC the LPN program was easier to get in we had aprox. 400 applicants for 40 spots but I think the average gpa was lower than the people who got into the RN program. I'd throw your hat in both rings and see which pans out first. Good luck!
  5. by   jones21498
    I would try for both and keep trying. You will get in one eventually if you keep working towards it. At the same time you can be taking classes that will enhance your skills, or classes you will be able to use if you so choose to bridge to a BSN program. Even if you are not a LVN or RN, there are ample positions in the medical field. Even if it is part time, I would give it a try. There is no reason to exclude the RN route, try for both... you may be surprised.