Help please! I'm going crazy!

  1. For my classes (A&P II lecture and lab) we learning about blood vessels. For my test this coming week I need to be able to trace drops of blood through the body. The heart was easy for me, but I'm not getting this. For example it says: Trace a drop of blood from the liver to the cephalic region. It starts with hepatic vein, inferior vena cava, heart, pulmonary trunk, etc. We have to finish it, but I get so lost. There are 6 problems like this asking to go from an organ to a specific region and I don't even know where to being. Any tips on how to complete problems like this? Any useful sites? I have been looking for a site on this, but can't find any. Thanks soooo much! Any help is appreciated.
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  3. by   MIKelly
    I can't help you, my A&P class didn't get that in depth. We had to know that the blood exits the heart from the aorta, goes through the arteries, then arterioles, then capillaries, then venules, then veins, back in the superior and inferior vena cava to the right atrium. I can't imagine the kinds of things you are learning that I didn't have to. If you need to know this stuff it should be in your lecture notes or text?
  4. by   MelodyRNurse
    I had to do this too. Once you get it down its really not so bad. You know that blood travels from the heart to lungs to the heart. I would suggest studying the hepatic circulation, that is most confusing. I think anything that goes into the intestines, stomach, and pancreas through arterial blood flow has to be filtered through the hepatic circulation and back to the IVC. Everything else will come together from there. Arteries feed, veins drain. And most of the veins and arteries have the same names. I hope this helps. I'm sorry I don't have any websites. Goodluck.
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  5. by   Pinky05
    Thanks guys! I'm still kinda lost though and my test is on Thursday lol. It's in the packet of notes, but neither professor explained it. They just said trace the blood from here to here. That's it. Ugh! Nobody else seems to have it down either so we all are stressed. The book just shows pictures of the vessels, but when I think I've got it I look on the notes and there's 26 blank spaces from one region to another. Mine are all blank because I don't see how it needs 26 places to go. I get to like 9 or 10. Thanks anyway.