1. Hello everyone I need your advice! So I was thinking about applying to two different schools around my area one being only a accerlearted fast track program 16 months while the other is 2 year program for nursing.

    So if I want to apply to the 16 month program I have to retake A&P 1 because I ended up with a B- and not a B+.
    So I'm planning out my semester for spring already, we have to apply to classes next week Sigh.

    So I only have A&p2 left and microbiology before I can apply to the program for the 2 year. Versus the 16 month I have to retake A&p 1 then have A&p2 and Microbiology left.

    So for the spring semester I was thinking about taking:

    A&p 1 (retake to get an A)
    A&p 2

    So what do you guys recommend. for me to say yolo and retake it with those other 2 biologys or to just apply to the 2 year program. I'm so confused because I don't know what to do.
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  3. by   araew2129
    I might just apply to the 2 yr program and then retake a&p 1 during the application process so that if I didn't get in I would be ready to apply to the accelerated.
  4. by   night_owls
    I agree with areaew2129. Apply to the 2 year program and retake the classes you need to as a backup if you don't get accepted into the 2 year. Then you can apply for the 16 month program.
  5. by   karmachameleon
    I don't think that I would try and take all three classes at the same time. They are all very heavy, and you retaking A&P 1 could possibly mean lowering your grades for A&P 2 and microbio because you would have less time to study for those two classes, which already require a lot of study time. I would apply to the two year program if I were you. A&P 2 was personally much harder than the first in my opinion.
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