Help! Need a topic for Chem paper!

  1. I am trying to think up a topic for my Chemistry research paper. I found out the idea I thought I would go with, which happened to be a great idea, has also been selected by another student. Unfortunately, I don't think the professor isn't going to let people do the same topic, as she doesn't want to have to read papers about the same thing. If this is the case, I will let the other student have the topic. She seems really nice, and it sounds like she's already stared researching for her paper.

    So, any ideas? Not a lot of restrictions. It just needs to be a chemistry related issue that affects the world today.
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  3. by   Multicollinearity
    How about how scientists created teflon? It is a combo of two noble gases that definately do not like each other. it is done, and its contribution to our knowledge today.

    Water filtration systems? Compare distillation v. charcoal filters v. reverse osmosis. Compare which dangerous compounds/elements are filtered each way, and how.

    Radioactive isotopes and their applications within medical diagnostics.

    Does soda really break down into formaldehyde within aluminum cans at high temperatures? If so, how and how much, with what physiological affects?

    What is Splenda, the artificial sweetner? How is it made?

    Why do organic phosphate pesticides stay in the environment so long, and why is it worrisome?

    What is desalination? How do desalination plants work? Is it a viable water source in the future?

    What is hydrogen power? What are hydrogen fuel cells? How does it work?

    Back to my own chemistry studying now!
  4. by   mixyRN

    Great ideas!!