Help: Best nursing schools in Georgia

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am trying to decide between the different nursing schools I have applied to: North Georgia College and State University (RN program), Georgia Perimeter (RN program), Athens Tech (RN program), Kennesaw State (accelerated BNS) and Georgia State (accelerated BNS). Does anyone have an opinion?

    Do you know of any resource that ranks the nursing schools?

    How do I find how the schools did on NCLEX results?

    Thanks a lot!
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    For NCLEX results for GA, go to: (only goes through 2004, though)

    My first choice out of the list that Nordic Sun gave would be Georgia State, only b/c I don't really know anything about the other programs, and none of them are my schools... (I'm going to Emory's nursing school next year...wish me luck!)

    EXCEPT...Georgia Perimeter is a definite NO, as I've gone there to visit - waiting list is ridiculous, huge dropout rate, mean teachers (so I've heard), and the list goes on, so I would give that a no, hands down...(if you want more detail on this, visit the "Just got my Emory letter" thread in this forum for a more detailed description...)

    I went to Emory's open house and was SO impressed - most people run away from Emory because of the fear of the 5-figure tuition price, but from being a regular Emory undergrad for the past 2 years, they have "equally" impressive financial aid...not to mention that their thank you gift to you if you chose to work for Emory Healthcare for 2 years after graduation is also a decent 5-figure number to further reduce the tuition bill, so I can't argue...and no, I'm not ALL.

    Are all of them BSN programs? I definitely would go for the BSN instead of the ADN, more room to grow, I hear.

    Good luck!!
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