1. Hi to all, I have a ? for you all... I have my cna and want my rn i work at a great hosptial and get great trainning, i hate school.. i hear tons of bad things about maric college? does anyone know if you can get your bsn afterwards,, or do you start all over? i hear so much i can't put it straight! i want to get my ass. then later get my bsn to msn but i want to just get this done now. anyone know how they really work and is it good out of state? so my ?'s are can you still transfer to get a bsn and can you take this out of state? thansk so much...please PM me if you can help.

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  3. by   Daytonite
    As a 30 year veteran of nursing I can suggest some things. I got my AA in nursing at a junior college and about 5 years later decided to go on for a BSN. It took me 6 more years. The university I got my BSN from wouldn't take some of my courses for transfer credit and I had to re-take anatomy and physiology because it had been 10 years since I had taken it at the junior college. These were the quirky requirements of that university and I had to follow them in order to get my bachelor's degree. Dear Heart, if you hate school that much, you may not want to go as far as getting a BSN because in the BSN programs you will need to do a lot of writing and researching at a much more advanced level than an AA degree. Is hating school going to interfere with your studying and reading? You are going to have to do a good deal of those things in a basic nursing program as well. You can be an RN by going to a junior college, an institution like Maric, or a hospital based diploma program. To find out what RN programs your state has, go to your state's board of nursing web site (you can find a link at the top right of this page). Most state boards provide a list of the RN programs in their state. It would be nice if you knew where you want to go for your BSN because you can start planning for transfer to that school while you're in a junior college getting your basic nursing training. You start by looking at the list of schools that are closest to you. Write to them, or visit, and get a copy of their current college catalog. Every college and university publishes one. In these catalogs will be the exact instructions telling you what classes you have to take at that college to earn your degree in nursing. These catalogs also give descriptions of the classes and all kinds of information on how to apply, where to get counseling, and on financial aid. Some colleges will have an online version of these catalogs as well. You can also call and get an appointment to talk with a counselor at the schools you are interested in. You don't need to have filled out an application or registered for a class. This is a free service of each college. If you tell the college you want to talk with a counselor about their nursing program, set up an appointment and meet, they will be able to tell you exactly what you will need to do to get a degree at their institution. What I'm suggesting is that you do a little shopping around to see which schools you like. Nothing except your time is involved in this. You will become quite educated on how to become a college student by doing this and find the answers to many of the questions you are asking.
  4. by   sp80
    Hey Day,
    tat was really nice. but i was wondering after getting ur RN, how about doing Bsn n Msn ONLINE.
    Is it worth...i find online degrees more appropriate as they r willing to take most of your credits....
    i would really appreciate if someone can explain about online degree collages. r they worth??????

    thanking u SP80