Hello/test taken;awaiting results/congrats to all

  1. [color=gray]hello. i wanted to say congrats to those who know that they have passed.
    [color=#808080]i took my nln-preadmit test on thurs march 22, 2007. i should know the results within two weeks. the program director said that if we pass the test, then we are in the program..that passing grade will be our acceptance letter so to speak.
    [color=#808080]we had 80 english questions...54 math...and 80 science. i was glad there were more questions in a way. i need to get a 96 composite out of the 214 questions. i know i passed..so i know i will be in the program. i am so excited to find out how well i did. i would be inforever shock if i didn't pass. i am 99 percent sure i did though. the director will post the results as soon as she gets them on a site that we can view only our own results. i heard a woman say that she knew she failed. i guess i cannot imagine failing this test. i do have an mlt degree though...so that might be why it was a little easier. i do hate to take tests...i was so glad when it was over...whew.
    [color=#808080]so i wait now. i have to have a background check done and a urine drug screen. then i will have to get a physical. i have to write a few things more about myself than i wanted to for the teacher. i just pray that god will open her eyes to the fact that i will make an excellent nurse.
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  3. by   shippoRN
    Hi paula, i hope all goes well for, your confidence is awsome. we have a NLN sticky at the top of the forum, with tons of people waiting for their scores, you should pop in there and say hi, you'll find lots of "waiting for scores" support there