Has Anyone Ever Taken A 5 Week Sciene Course W/ A Lab From SJVC?!

  1. I have heard it was a good school. Do I need to buy a microscope or are all their labs done online?! How hard was it to do a API, II or Micro there in a 5 week time frame?! How many hours of work did you put in during that time?! Did you have to do 2 labs and 2 tests a week to get all the work in?! Thanks for any help you can provide. :spin:
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  3. by   Galore
    I haven't done that particular program, but I did take both Microbiology and A&P II with labs as 6 week summer courses. It was tough, but I got A's in all of the classes and that was while working fulltime also. You have to be prepared to read and study literally every day.