Has anyone attended Mercy Hospitals LPN program in miami?

  1. I am currently studing for the LPN entrance exam and would like to know if anyone has attended this school. Any information would be very helpful.

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  3. by   mydee
    Just some advice if you want a response to this post you many want to repost this under the state of floridia all nursing fourm.
  4. by   miav0719
    Hi Mydee,

    Thanks for your reply. Can you please let me know how I can post my question at State of Florida all nursing fourm. Where would I find it.

  5. by   mydee
    If you place your mouse on the top of this websie it will give you options then click on all fourms +200. Then on the main page of all nursing fourms.com. Then scan down by using your mouse to see the different fourms in the in the middle of the web page the list an option nursing discussion by location under United state nursing fourms you will see florida listed in under sub-fourms.
  6. by   Medium0304
    It's been a while since this post but I was wondering if you ever got into the LPN program at Mercy. If so, could you tell me more about the program and the whole process? Any info. will be greatly appreciated.