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  1. hello, everyone i could really use some advice on what to do because i am really freaking out right now. well, i am in j. sergeant reynolds pre-nursing program with one pre-requisite class left that i am currently taking and the kaplan.

    however, i got a c in math 120 and i am retaking it this semester. so far, i'm not doing in better in the class and probably won't get anything higher than a b(possibly another c) and since they average the grades out i'm pretty much screwed.
    should i just withdraw from the class or just shoot for the b(which will still only average out to a c, i think) ? also, will i still have a shot at getting into the nursing program with a c in mth 120?

    i have literally been i tears the last couple of days and my math teacher couldn't offer any advise(we pretty much have to teach our selves out the book and she just goes over a couple homework problem then gives the test)

    (p.s. also, the new math required for students enrolling in the program in now mth 126 which is so much easier for me, but on my degree progress it still says mth 120 is req. for me. is it possible for me to take mth 126 instead and have that req. for me instead or is that impossible? )

    any advise is greatly appreciated?i'm so scared this one class in going to cause my dream to go down the drain) here are my other class grades:

    sdv 100: b/ ite 115:a/ eng 111: b/ ethics: a/ psy 230:a/soc 200: a/ nas 161:b/ nas 162:a/ mth 120:c
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  3. by   K nurse-one-day
    Well, we can't offer any real advice w/o knowing how your nursing program works. Do you earn entrance by GPA? a point system?
    Is there any way you can get some kind of tutoring to help you through the rest of the semester? Most schools offer those services for free. Maybe you could take up your concerns w/ the professor and tell her you need more in class.
    As far as substituting another math class, You would have to ask an adviser about that
  4. by   np2327
    Acceptance based of GPA and Kaplan Test scores(if you do poorly on kaplan high GPA doesn't matter though)

    I will talk to my advisor about the class switch tomorrow.

    As far as Tutoring If you passed a class with a C or higher the first time you don't meet the requirements for free tutoring from the school(In other words they told me know when I went for help)
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