Georgia State Perimeter College Fall 2018

  1. I just applied to GPC's nursing school for fall 2018 acceptance. Wondering who else has applied?
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  3. by   gwhudak
    Hi there! I have applied as well to GPC Fall 2018. My name is Wendy.
  4. by   scrumbliss1
    I applied as well!!!
    My name is Savanna!
  5. by   lexibbyx1
    I've applied a well. I'm Alexis. Has anyone heard anything back yet?
  6. by   gwhudak
    You will receive a letter stating whether or not you have met the minimum requirements. And that's it until the acceptance letters go out.

    My understanding, based on posts from 2017, we will know sometime in March.
  7. by   lexibbyx1
    Ughhh this is frustrating lol. I'm going be on edge the entire time lol. We know we've met the minimum requirements. We want to know if we're going to get in or not! Lol.
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  8. by   scrumbliss1
    I know I am very anxious too! I wish they accepted essays or recommendations also! I had to email Mrs. Creel to ensure she got my application. I do not like not getting even a conformation email from the application submittion!
  9. by   lexibbyx1
    That's what I was saying too! I really wish the entire first half of the process was electronic. Submit app, email stating you met the requirements and then letter.

    I'm actually glad they don't do the essay or recommendation thing. I believe It disadvantages those who may not have the people to do It for them or those who just aren't good at transferring their thoughts to paper. I've seen many people at the BSN level get denied for It.
  10. by   SweetieT0704
    Hey ladies! Yep now it's playing the waiting game . My name is Tiffany. Hoping we will all be celebrating acceptances in a couple of months!
  11. by   lexibbyx1
    I emailed her the other day and she told me she semt my letter off last Friday but I haven't gotten It yet
  12. by   Albstar
    Hi all! I applied as well. Waiting on the requirements now, even though I already know them, I mean don't we all?! :'D. Does anyone know how many students they accept? I wish they did not make us wait so long to get an acceptance letter. My sciences GPA is 3.25 and overall 3.9. My teas was 76.7%.. I got unlucky and had the type B test boohoo! I am so nervous!!
  13. by   lexibbyx1
    I decided not to stress over It. The apps are already in and whatever is destined for us will be for us. I had a dream last night that I got in with 20 other girls. Luckily my dreams have a way or coming true lol.
  14. by   SweetieT0704
    The webinar I took in November that Renee Creel did said like 80% of students who apply get accepted. Those seem like good odds to me!