1. Hey everyone,

    I'm a military med tech, 4N who's looking to ultimately go FNP. I hold a BA in Finance and GCU offers the RN to MSN for BAs in an unrelated field in AZ. I'm wondering if A.)that can be an accelerated program (jump into Block 3 with my LPN) and B.) does that program set you up to earn the FNP certification or does it just set you up to go RN to MSN and THEN jump into MSN to FNP courses?

    Has anyone started or completed this specific program that might have some more details on it? Suggestions for someone in my position?

    Thanks All
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  3. by   MiladyMalarkey
    I didn't do this program, but considered it. My situation or answer may not be what you are looking for but I'll tell you what I know from my position and may or may not help.

    I considered the MSN direct entry (concurrent with the maricopa community college nursing program) since I have a prior Bachelors. They do not offer any kind of NP in that bridge program. They had like 5 choices and I'm sure they are online somewhere listed. But, they were like MSN in public health, leadership (which is funny because we'd be new nurses, how are we to lead?), think informatics was one and maybe few other non-NP MSN degrees. Again this is concurrent with the RN program with the maricopa community colleges, so you wouldn't be an RN yet, but be in process of getting RN and not sure where LPN would factor in there.

    If you are doing the direct entry thing through a CC, then the FNP is not an option at GCU. I'm unsure if they'd let you start a GCU direct entry in block 3, I know for sure they do allow it for other universities who do the bachelor degree programs. If you got the MSN it would be in something else and you'd have to go back for FNP. It's possible things may have changed, it was like 2 years ago when I was considering it, ultimately went into a bachelors bridge program, so again it may be different now. If you aren't going through the direct entry with a CC, and get your RN first, things are probably different.