FYI: AACN Admits New Grad RNs can't find jobs!

  1. In an article published in on February 27, 2009, the CEOs of two of the nation's largest healthcare systems - Tenet Healthcare and HCA, Inc. - confirmed the strong need for more RNs even as hospitals are reducing their use of nursing staffing companies.

    The CEOs reported to CNNMoney: "Anyone with a nursing degree in this country does not have to worry about having a job."

    . . . and the Association of College Nursing actually found - 2 - people who still believe, and attest, that "We need more nurses!" Right, these are the guys who benefit from a flooded nursing workforce. They want nurses to be as plentiful as McDonald's cashiers . . . then it would only cost them $8.35 an hour to support every 8 - 10 patients. This is who our nursing education Association chooses to quote as evidence of nursing, "the Shortage"?

    I have a college education, 10 years in clinical research administration, and worked as a fantastic CNA/Tech during the two years in nursing school, excellent references. Four months before licensing I was told there were no openings at my hospital. There were no jobs in the state, in the region, or on this side of the Mississippi River.

    This week I drive cross country to Washington state, in search of employment. Creating 2,700 miles of heart-wrenching distance between my lost, lovely career in Research and the poor, foolish, gullible choice to enter nursing.

    I heard that Starbucks was hiring! In between espresso lessons steaming milk for lattes, I'll send off a few emails to these guys. Apparently they know a few critically vacant nursing positions that I haven't come across during the SIX MONTHS that I have had my license!

    Read the full article here...

    Maybe they can help you find a job too:
    Tenent Healthcare
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