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Yay, now that i've sent in my letter of intent i'm getting all sorts of fun stuff in the mail. Today I got an order form to purchase a Nursing Skills Kit (required for my school). It includes all... Read More

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    Thanks for all of the kind comments! I'm glad you enjoyed my story.

    She wore an all-white uniform (never scrubs) until her retirement in 1999, after 43 years, "My job" when I was a child, was to polish her nursing shoes EVERY day with (and I can still remember the brand) Nurse White-brand shoe polish.

    The last thing she did before she left for the night shift was come to my bedroom so I could zip her up.

    She washed her uniform every single day, starched, and ironed it. She always wore full-makeup when she left. She ditched the cap along with everyone else years ago, but she really believed in looking the part.
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    Quote from catzy5
    Thats a lovely story!

    My mom was also a nurse from the "old school" I fully remember watching her get ready for her 3-11 shift with her white cap she had a couple all starched and pefect I used to love to watch her iron them. She had the cape too I have no idea if she saved it though but I remember seeing pictures, she went to school right out of high school and told me horror stories of her Nursing school experience, she was not one who loved it back then. None of us ever followed thru with nursing because it seemed like not even an option. But now as adults 2 of the 5 girls have gone back to school to pursue what must be in our genes LOL
    I heard the horror stories too. Having to get out of bed in the middle of the night to watch an autopsy, having curfew's, but she really loved being with the other girls.

    She actually had to attend two different nursing schools to get her certification. She actually got kicked out of her first one...for getting married to my father! Big no-no back then. She found another school that were accepting married ladies, and she finished her education that way.