FSCJ Fall 2018

  1. Hey everyone, I figured I'd make this for all of us planning to apply to the AS RN program at FSCJ for Fall '18. The application deadline is May 15th.

    Is anyone else finishing up pre-reqs right now? I'm currently taking MCB, AP2, and Algebra.

    For those finishing up pre-reqs this Spring, are you planning to take any summer classes for other areas of study?

    If you're currently finishing up pre-reqs, how are you balancing your classes while also studying for the HESI A2?
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  3. by   Tinatom
    The hesiA2 isn't that bad, I did rather well (Lpn program) however I still had to take the whole exam and did rather well over consider I haven't taken chem, a&p, Mico, I was surprised. Good Luck .....
  4. by   kate.sivley
    Hey there! I am applying for FSCJ and UNF for fall 2018. I took my TEAS for UNF and taking the HESI after spring break. I have all my pre-reqs done just needing to take the HESI and my CPR class to finish the application.
  5. by   ashleymarie83
    I will be applying! I didn't make it for the summer bridge program so I'm trying again! I will be taking the HESI again on 5/14. The Hesi is last on my list. I currently work as a LPN so I'm excited to move forward! Good luck everyone! :P
  6. by   kate.sivley
    Took the HESI this morning. I scored Reading: 88%, Grammar: 90% Vocabulary: 88% and Math: 88%. That gives me a final score of 138.06. Fingers crossed that is enough to get accepted!
  7. by   Susan7610
    Hi! I'm looking for some clarification on the HESI subtests? Per the application, scores are collected in Reading, Math, Vocab, and Grammar. Are the other subtests on the exam, or can you pick and choose the sections that are required?
  8. by   ashleymarie83
    We have to take all the subjects but physics I believe. so it's math, vocabulary, reading comp, grammar, biology, chem and A&P
  9. by   laylaj
    I'm applying too. I heard fall is more difficult to get into. Im in micro which is my last class. I take the hesi on may 10th. I heard the HESI isn't that bad
  10. by   hofmca
    Does anyone know what the cutoff number has been in the past few semesters? just trying to compare to see my chances of getting in for the fall.
  11. by   laylaj
    I believe it was 135.
  12. by   Lmenendez18
    Hey everyone! I submitted my application yesterday. I'll be anxiously waiting until mid-June when Fscj begins to send acceptance emails. This is my first attempt applying, but I'm positive I'll be accepted. The only prerequisites I have not completed are Micro and Human growth. I will successfully pass them this summer term. I'm looking forward to getting to know my potential classmates. God bless!!
  13. by   Kate_sivley
    How many points are you applying with?
  14. by   dmm1028
    Just completed my HESI today, and submitted my application. Any idea when they start making decisions?