1. Hi Guys!
    Hope everybody's day is going better than mine. I applied two nursing schools Florida Gulf Coast University and University of Central Florida. I still haven't heard back from UCF (I guess that won't be until the end of April) but I did hear back from FGCU. Did get in, but got put on the wait list for the 2007 BSN program.

    So I called today and asked about the wait list. How many people were on it, if they ranked the wait listers, etc. The lady I was talking to said they're "not able to give out any information about the wait list". What is that? I could understand if it was personal or identifying information I was asking about, but I really just wanted some general information so I could get an idea of my status and plan accordingly.

    Ughhh, sorry guys. I just needed to vent to someone. I know a lot of you are in the same stupid boat as me when it comes to waiting around for answers about school.
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  3. by   GottaGetIn
    I'd call someone else. Really, they should let you know an estimate!
  4. by   chococroissant
    I can understand your frustration. If it had been moi, i might've picked a fight.

    Some schools give out your rank in the waiting list. I firmly believe we're entitled to know. Id give it a day, call back again, asking how far along I am on the wait list and what my chances are.

    Best of luck to yoU!
  5. by   FloridaNurse2Be
    Thanks for the posts guys. I think we're entitled to know too! I'm going to call back and try to talk to someone else in the next couple days. I'll just be the "Wait List Stalker" until they give up some info. Wish me luck!