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Well I went to another nursing program meeting at my cc. The main thing I wanted to know was, ave. amount of applicants, how many accepted and what was the lowest gpa accepted. This school only looks... Read More

  1. by   goingformydream
    Hi there,

    the schools I am applying to are impacted.. like many nursing school programs are. The actual requirements are in the 2.0-2.5 range for the schools that I am applying to-however, these schools make their selections based off of GPA.... meaning the higher the better. They do some "lottery" type drawings, but that is a small percentage-and does not exist at another school I am applying to.

    HTH! Check with your program to see how they make their selections (who gets in first) for the program.
  2. by   Trigirl
    Ok, that makes more sense. I have heard variations of what the schools are looking for. Some say the higher GPA gets in, some say they look at "volunteer work" in hospitals, or if you have gone out and shadowed a nurse before. I knew a few people with higher GPA's and TEAS scores than others, but the lowers scores got into the program because thet had "experience" in the medical field, which could have meant as little as answering phones for a medical practice.

    I think my GPA is pretty close to a 4.0 on my pre-req classes, but my overall GPA for my current B.S. degree is only a 3.5; I think they primarily look at your pre-req GPA, right?
  3. by   Irene joy
    I believe it's mostly the cc that are only looking at the gpa's of their specific pre-reqs, that are taking the students with a 3.85 or above, like mine. Of course in the pamphlets it's 2.5 or above to qualify, but if you're competing against other students on a gpa only basis, of course the stakes get higher! I guess I could have applied to a private college a year a go, but I don't want to pay 6,000 a semester!