for those who took the lpn-nln

  1. I just took my LPN-NLN pre-entrance exam and I feel like I failed so BAD!!!! I think I did okay in the reading comprehension part but the math!! OMG I had this brain freeze and I was so scared to waste time on one question that I found myself doing the questions fast and without writing them out. My school requires that you get 35-40% on all three parts. Can someone explain what this means and did anyone feel totally defeated and did well on their pre-entrance exam? I have two weeks before I get my results...and guess what !!! I am taking the RN-NLN pre-entrance exam next week!!!!!!! I am giving both programs a shot :imbar I am so discouraged at taking next weeks exam, but I already paid for it., so I dont want to waste my money. Sorry for venting I am just so frustrated. I am done with my pre-reqs and its getting to me
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    I believe I passed!!! on the percentile section my scores are above the 40th % I am asuming that i"m in....... I'll let you all know next week....Oh and I did the best on the math portion, go figure, that's the part I thought I would fail :chuckle .... I am so excited , but I'll celebrate for sure when I call the school . i am also waiting my results for the RN NLN exam.. i took them both to see which one i would get into ........ I'm keeping my fingers crossed
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    I took the RN quite a few years ago. I took it really early in my pre-reqs since you can only take it once every 6 months (now it's once a year!). I went into it thinking of it as being a learning experience for when I actually take it. I didnt expect to pass it. My thoughts were "if I do, cool, but at least I will have an idea of what to study for the next time if I don't do well". It was nice going into it without the fear and pressure. Believe me though, I did study my booty off for a couple of months using the NLN study guide. I didn't watch the clock for the 1st part (English) and was running low on seconds left, so I just filled in "C" for the rest of the questions, hoping to pick up a few correct answers! I used my time more wisely for the other 2 sections and finished ahead of time. I was confused on how to read my results, so I had to call the nursing dept and ask them if I was reading it right! Poor lady on the phone got a good scream in her ear!

    We had to score in the 50th% or better, and score at least a 100.

    Percenticle: (The amount of people that earned raw scores LESS than yours:

    Verbal ability.....65

    My composite score was 124! Boy was I shocked! No need to retest! As a matter of fact, I get 2 points towards entrance for the high score!

    Funny thing is, I was in my 1st Biology course, no A&P taken yet, and it was my highest score! I just realized that the study guide questions that had "mitochondria" as a choice, was usually the answer, so if I didn't know the answer, I picked mitochondria.

    How do you know your %tile score already?

    Keep us updated!


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    You know something, when I read your post I thought it was one of my friends playing a hoax on me because I took the NLN pre entrance exam for the same reasons !!!! we are only allowed to take them twice in my school. They have an LPN & RN program, so I said oh well I'll blow a chance on each, this way when I take the exam I'll know exactly what to expect. I took the LPN NLN on Oct 29 and I received my results yesterday via mail. Yesterday I also took the RN NLN and I must say I found it a little easier then the LPN or maybe it was that I knew the format and what to expect since I had just taken a similar test the week before.

    verbal 53%
    math 74%
    science 55%

    composite score 111

    I only studied for a couple of weeks and I know I could have been better prepared, but I passed with the required score LOL

    Now I am waiting for the RN Exam. I would prefer to get into the RN Program because this will save me time from doing the LPN to RN program, but what ever is meant to be, I'm okay. All I want is to get my foot in the door. Nursing programs are getting more and more competitive by the seconds:uhoh21: ..... Well good luck to you !!! I see your counting down. Tomorrow I'll call the school and see whats my next move. I'm glowing for right now though
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    I bed you did better on the RN! That's a good score! Let us know when you get the results!

    We'll be waiting! I'm getting really good at the waiting thing!