for those who took the lpn-nln

  1. I just took my LPN-NLN pre-entrance exam and I feel like I failed so BAD!!!! I think I did okay in the reading comprehension part but the math!! OMG I had this brain freeze and I was so scared to waste time on one question that I found myself doing the questions fast and without writing them out. My school requires that you get 35-40% on all three parts. Can someone explain what this means and did anyone feel totally defeated and did well on their pre-entrance exam? I have two weeks before I get my results...and guess what !!! I am taking the RN-NLN pre-entrance exam next week!!!!!!! I am giving both programs a shot :imbar I am so discouraged at taking next weeks exam, but I already paid for it., so I dont want to waste my money. Sorry for venting I am just so frustrated. I am done with my pre-reqs and its getting to me
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