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  1. :uhoh21: well i wanted to become a radiologist originaly, but that did not work out. due to late registration. currently i am taking a medical assisting course at a low budget school because that is all i can afford out of pocket. the plus side though is i finish in 8 1/2 weeks, minus the internship of 132 hours.i work a day job from 8-5/ mon-fri, an over night job fri -sat/11-7 and an in between job at a hair salon on the weekends w/ my mom. school is from 7-9 /mon-thu. i did all of this to get my foot into the medical field. i really need to get a job in that area in order to get the whole tuition reimbursement thing. i have a daughter and am raising her by myself @ the age of only 22. i know i am still young but while she is young (3 yrs old) i wanted to get as much school in before my life got really hectic. i wanted to possibly attend a one year lpn program,though that is not my desired field, the money and the hours are good.but i would have to quit work to start.!!!!..!!!..

    is this asking for too much? what do i do?
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  3. by   RNsRWe
    I'm not sure what you're really asking....are you looking for advice on whether you should quit your job(s) to start nursing school? If so, I think you'd need to consider where your money will come from! School, books, uniforms, etc can be expensive, even with tuition assistance.

    Do you really know WHAT you want, anyway? You wanted to be a radiologist, but didn't say that you lost interest in that, just that the timing for school entry was bad. You don't say what you think of your current program, whether you like it or not, or how you imagine it might stack up to an LPN program. You do say you don't really want to be an LPN, it's "not in my desired field", then, what is it you're looking for?

    Nursing school requires considerable time commitments, as well as determination and dedication. A one-year program frequently requires many months, a year, whatever of pre-requisite courses. Are you up for that, when you don't seem to have a burning desire to BE a nurse?
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