Finding the right field.. H E L P!

  1. Hey everyone!!! I am in the process of getting prereqs @ TTC in charleston, SC. My goal is to go to MUSC and get a bachelor of nursing.. maybe even a masters. I also volunteer @ St. Francis, and i am in their SCRUBS program. I pretty much am a non-paid pct. I also shadow nurses there. I have only gotten a chance to shadow nurses in ICU, PCU, SPCU.. And so far they seem to have jobs.. that how can i say it... do not portray enough action for me? I want something where i will be kept busy and just truly love it.. i guess im trying to say i havent found where i belong? I was hoping that some of you guys could give me helpful hints in fields that you have found and what they entail? Sorry.. this just seems to be frustrating with me.. ive always wanted to be a nurse.. i just cant find the right area for me yet Any info is well appreciated!! Thanks so much!
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  3. by   live4rachael
    What about something like the ER? I'm pretty sure I already know where I want to work - the NICU - and I'm volunteering in the special care unit right now at MUSC. But I would think the ER might be worth looking at?

    I'm finishing up my pre-reqs at Trident too so I can go to the accelerated BSN program at MUSC. What classes are you taking now? Apparently there's a few of us on here!