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  1. Good evening everyone,

    So the more I try to ponder on this the more I feel my hair falling out. Currently the three schools I am looking into are Clayton State (currently attending), Georgia State University and Emory University. (thought about University of West Georgia but their accreditation expires during my program stint....). My main trouble with choosing is that I am married with a 4 yo currently in preschool with little to no support for our child to be cared for other than school/after school program.

    I have spoke to Emory about their program because they have it listed as "day" program and the lady I spoke to said that class and clinical hours would only be Monday thru Friday and roughly like a 9-5 job as far as hours. This sounds PERFECT for my situation but the cost is a major hiccup.

    Clayton state I am attending now in my final semester of prerequisites but they don't have that same schedule but are a lot cheaper. Not to mention that Clayton has a 90 mile radius around the campus open to clinical locations and I already live 45 minutes away making a drive to clinical sites possibly being up to 2 hours or so one way.

    Georgia State I heard is a great school for state but also does cost a bit more than Clayton and also they said that their program is 3 years instead of 2 for traditional.

    I do understand that nursing program and the field itself if not easy but I want to be sure my baby is cared for. My husband is also currently attending his master (2.5 years left) program at Emory and working full time.

    I guess I don't really have a question more I was just wondering if my situation seems hopeless or has someone else made it work?
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