Financial Aid nightmares

  1. So, I'm all done registering for the Spring term. I applied for both state and federal aid, and I was accepted according to them, but none of the aid is showing up on my tuition bill statements and I'm responsible to pay the entire bill before class starts. I will supposedly be reimbursed by the school for whatever I shell out. But I'm nervous! I have no idea why the aid is not showing up on the college system yet when I'm already approved, and I am worried that I won't get my money back or that it will be a lot less than what I spent. Plus all these little fees are adding up and driving me crazy! It was not like this my first term. All the financial aid was already on record before I got my bill. For this semester I switched schools, and I did change the school code on my FAFSA, but it hasn't come through yet.

    I tried calling the school but they told me they can do nothing over the phone and I have to come in person. Problem is I'm taking night and weekend classes when the office is closed, so I'll have to make a special trip. This week has been super busy and I just don't have the time to spare.

    I know I just need to take a few deep breaths and relax... but I'm panicking over the hundreds of dollars I just put down on my credit card with no sure way of knowing how I'll pay it back.
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  3. by   Love Coronado
    You can call the FAFSA number, I saw it on their website. Other than going into your school????? Breathe.
    By the way, is this a community college, or University? Just wondering, because my school let's me know way ahead of time how much I can expect in fees, and how much I get for financial aid.