errr... I didn't get in, LVN to RN bridge program plan better?

  1. Ok, so I just got my letter from a school saying that I didn't get in... -sigh-

    Tired of these discouraging letters and tired of waiting.

    So from here, I'm thinking about getting my LVN license so that I can do the LVN to RN bridge program. I have the pre-reqs done for that program anyways.

    I sure hope that this is the best route for me. I am wondering if schools have the same amount of wait time to get into the LVN program as well as the RN program. Is this a better idea rather than to keep waiting for an acceptance letter to get into an ADN program?

    Either way, I believe it's best to apply for both RN and LVN programs.

    UGH.... just thinking about my situation is frustrating.

    I am wondering what people are doing during the wait process. Are you guys re-taking classes to get a higher GPA, etc. Or does anyone have any advice on what to do from here?

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