Entrance GPA calculation for University of Texas-Alrington

  1. I am applying for the Fall 2011 start for UTA tradition BSN. I know they do two GPA calculations, a science one and then another one including everything. My question is about the general calculation; do the use every class ever taken since you have been out of high school or do they use strictly your pre-req classes? The wording in the BSN brochure makes it sound like it is strictly your pre-reqs. This can make all the difference!

    Individuals will be ranked with all other students based on:
    * Prerequisite natural sciences GPA
    * Prerequisite natural sciences and lower-division courses GPAs
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  3. by   GonnaBSN
    It sounds like you'd take your Science Pre-reqs and calculate the GPA.
    Then you'd take all your classes (including the prereqs) and use that GPA -- that one should already be on your transcript.

    GPA's are calculated (usually) on a point scale for each credit hour.

    A=4pts per credit hour, so a 3cr class = 12 pts, a 2hr class would get 8 pts.

    A=4pts per credit hour
    B=3pts per hour
    C=2pts per hour
    D=1pt per hour

    Then, take all these totals and divide by the total number of credit hours you have taken. Bachelors degrees are usually around 125 credit hours.