Enlighten me please!

  1. Hello, I'm 24 yo stay at home mom to a 4yo. I graduated hs in Philippines and took a college for one sem only. Now I want to grow my career and I think medical field is calling me. I'm into VN program. I already registered to take the TABE test in HLPAE. Now I'm studying Math and Reading.

    DH wants me to take the GED test bcs he said if I will use my previous school records from Phil it might affect my career to enter a state college later.

    Also upon reading some topics and questions here in the forum I am confused with having CNA. Should I take CNA first before getting VN? I'm eyeing to enroll at adult school around Orange County.

    Also, can I register for other adult schools around? Thanks!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    The CNA course will help most if you think you might use it for work. It can also help in admission to a nursing program, depends on the program. Some programs require CNA certificate and/or paid work experience as a CNA. It can't hurt. One usually attends the adult program nearest home. I would also recommend getting a GED or at the adult school get a US high school diploma, even better.
  4. by   Mmy789
    Thanks caliotter! That helps a lot!
  5. by   caliotter3
    The adult schools near me all have high school completion programs that lead to a high school diploma. They are generally self-paced and appear to be doable, geared to adult learners. You will find it easier all the way around if you have the standard high school diploma. A friend was rejected from her desired nursing school because they did not accept her GED.
  6. by   Mmy789
    Oh boy! My I know which state is that? I'm already attending a ged preparation class near in my area.
  7. by   caliotter3
    This is in CA. You might want to call the adult education agencies, also sometimes known as Regional Occupational Centers, in your area to see what is available. If they have GED classes, they might have the high school classes too. Another possibility, is adult high school classes at night at the local high schools. Since you have to study anyway, you could put the same effort in and get the diploma.