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Hello everyone so I'm in my undergrad studying biology, and I am trying to find a way into nursing school. I have about 4-5 semesters left until graduation and I was considering dropping my... Read More

  1. by   HealthUnknown
    Typo: I **don't** have ENOUGH experience to say it's the career that will fulfill my character/skills that I will have built for the next few years of studying.
  2. by   HealthUnknown
    Thank you! Honestly, I was very happy to finally see a post that related to my situation. For the past few years since '15-16 (freshman year) have been anxious with this decision.

    I dove in for it, accepting the judgements of people. Those years of frustration on "will I ever get into a program?" taught me a lot..

    I continuously searched for answers by asking a lot of questions. I'm a bit introverted but I love gaining advice that will help shape my mindset..
    Since a CC has a smaller facility, it really helped narrow down and keep the connections closer to understand each other.

    I realized that jumping into a University (especially quarter system) put a lot of pressure in me to study to PASS instead of study to LEARN in order to apply it for my future career.

    I do not want to pay tremendous amount of money/tuition just to gain knowledge and throw out the door once the course is officially over.

    Being able to master the foundation (pre-reqs) at a CC is a blessing for less $$ and maybe even less gas $$ spent on the travel.

    I wish the best of luck to you too friend