Drexel ACE Fall '07, Worried about Finacial Aid

  1. Hi all,

    I'm new to the site. I recently got my only acceptance letter from Drexel's ACE Program, however, I am worried about the cost of attending. I graduate in May with a BS in Health Science and I already have 15,000 in loans. Can anyone give me advice how I can finance my schooling? Also, if anyone from Drexel's ACE program has gone through the same situation, can you explain how you were able to finance your education?

    Also, living on campus is too expensive and I don't have a car. =/ Does anyone know of any off campus apts. within walking distance of Drexel?

    Thanks and good luck to everyone applying to nursing schools this year!

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  3. by   lc3
    Hi Steve,

    I also got into Drexel's ace program for fall 07' but decided against it b/c it was really expensive and living in Philly is expensive too. Are u from the Philly area? If not I would really double check on housing before committing to a place sight unseen. I heard parts of Philly can be really sketchy.

    The school also sent me some of their on-campus housing info. The Ace students are usually assigned Stiles Alumni Hall and I heard its pretty convenient. It is right near the school. Its a decent price but I would check into it with Drexel's housing.

    There are also outside scholarships specifically for Nursing. Try HRSA.org (I think that's what it is). Its a government tutition program that pays for school and expenses but you have to commit to working in an underserved area after graduation.

    Drexel might also have some finanicial aid options after you send in your deposit, but I didnt get that far. I knew it would be all loans from them and its like 30K for tutition. I decided on my other school b/c they ended up giving me a scholarship to go there instead.

    Good Luck
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  4. by   newnurse2011
    hello every1
    i was just curious on how long did it take to get an acceptance letter from Drexel and how si ur experience so far at drexel ??