Douglas College BSN fall 2018

  1. Hey!
    Just wondering if there is anyone that has applied to the fall 2018 nursing program at Douglas!
    I finished my pre reqs Summer 2016, so I am not completely confident I will get in, but still have hope.. I have a friend that finished in January 2016, and has already been accepted to the Jan 2018 intake!
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  3. by   turbobun
    I finish my Pre-req winter 2016. I really hope I get in, my application page is not updated yet. D:
  4. by   marijad92
    What was your r gpa if you don't mind me asking!? She got in with a3.4 if I remember correctly
  5. by   marijad92
    So you will probably get in this intake!
  6. by   turbobun
    3.0 which is not great
    Higher if they pick my A+ classes as electives. (?!) which I hope they do.
  7. by   Jnellie
    Waiting is frustrating. Does it usually take this long for the profile to be updated? I can't seem to remember when I applied last time.

    I finished my prereqs Fall 2016. Still hoping I'll get in.

    Goodluck to us!
  8. by   turbobun
    I just got my acceptance letter. Good luck everyone
  9. by   Love2bug
    I applied with 3.64 . finished Winter 2017.

    already acceptéd to Psyc 2018 Winter and fall but deperatley holding out for bsn!!!

    it doesnt even show m'y pre reqs in m'y application yet ...
  10. by   Love2bug
    when did you finish pre reqs?
  11. by   turbobun
    Winter 2016
  12. by   Kristinashelswell12
    Hello Im new here, I wanted to know the admission requirements for

    I have completed ENG 105, Soc 101, Stats 104, and Psych 101 with UFV
    Highschool grades are...

    English 12 = A, Bio 12 = A, Foundations of Math = A, Chem 11 = B
    I have 100 volunteer hours at the hospital, completed frist aid CPR cert, criminal record check.. please help! 