Doubts on whether i am start enough.............

  1. I am having serious doubts on whether i am smart or good enough to be a nurse

    I was at a diploma nursing program in St Louis and passed Nursing 101 but i did not pass the last test of math class so they automatically kicked me out of program..........

    If i wanted to come back i wouldnt be able to do so until the falling spring.. 2010 semester.

    Now i am having doubts if i am smart or good enough to even be a nurse......despite the fact i have a bs in another field and did well at a prestigious university.

    I have applied for the various jobs in hospitals and never get called for interviews despite my work experience.........

    I am not sure what to do now.........or rest of my life.
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  3. by   CrunchyMama
    I'm sorry you got kicked out! I start the program this fall and I'm nervous as heck! I'm not good at math so I wouldn't be surprised if I follow in your footsteps. But I will not give up....I'll just wait and start over again the following should do the same if nursing is what you want to do! Don't give up! I was told by many here to buy a dosage calculations book to get a heads up before I did that but I honestly don't know if it'll help. I have 2nd thoughts too....not sure if I'm smart enough, but only time will tell. Good luck!!!