Does Chemistry help with Physiology?

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    I am currently taking Anatomy, and originally decided to take physiology next semester, while the anatomy is still fresh in my memory. But now I am having second thoughts. I now think maybe I should take chemistry first. If i take chemistry now, I could take either microbio or physiology in the summer. If i take physiology now, I HAVE to do chemistry in the summer (cause its a prereq for microbio). So taking chem instead of phys would leave me a bit more flexible for the summer semester. Also, I am wondering if maybe a knowledge of basic chemistry would make physiology easier to understand? Or do you think it would be better to take physiology right after anatomy? Then again, i am just finishing up with algebra, and i heard algebra is important for chemistry, so maybe it is best to take chemistry right away.... i am completely confused, and i have two more days to decide. I definitely cannot take both of them in one semester. Any thoughts/advise would be greatly appreciated!

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  3. by   arciedee
    I do think that you might derive some benefit from taking chemistry first. A lot of physiology is related to chemical actions in the body, so if you have a firm understanding of chemistry first I can only see that as a benefit. And yes, your algebra will come in very handy for chemistry!
  4. by   NSFA08
    i think chemistry would help you with physio. i took the first part of a&p before i took chemistry, and in hindsight, the physiology made more sense once i understood the chemistry principles. however, it's possible to still do well in physio without it. if i were in your shoes, i'd take whichever course you think you'd have the most difficulty with during the spring. summer courses are accelerated. i happened to take chemistry over the summer and did very well. but, i'm good in math. at the end of the day, the ultimate choice is yours of course. you'll do fine with whatever you choose as long as you put the study time in. know that you can't make a "bad" decision as far as this goes...
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